NRG Sports Therapy

NRG Sports Therapy

Gait Analysis, Sports Massage, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, Strapping & Taping

NRG Sports Therapy is a brand new Injury Recovery and Personal Training clinic in Central London. The company is locally owned and operated from within a busy personal training studio in Bloomsbury. At NRG we believe in a clinically proven, exercise based rehabilitation programme to aid any injury recovery and improve quality of movement. From minor muscle soreness, to multi faceted traumatic sports injury, we believe by following our guidance that any injury can be successfully managed.

However we do not just cater for the injured. NRG is an all encompassing, health and exercise service designed for everyone. We provide a one to one Personal Training service which cannot be rivalled by other health professionals. We combine injury diagnostics, movement analysis and therapeutic techniques from the therapy room, alongside injury rehabilitation and corrective exercise on the gym floor. NRG Sports Therapy provides an all round service, designed for everyone to recover from injury, enhance movement and start their training journey. But most importantly, help improve quality of life.

NRG's goal is not only to enhance all the things we have stated above, but also to educate. To educate every individual on how to enhance their movement, effective mobilisation techniques, how to make their body feel better and help them recover. If every individual can leave a session feeling they know their body that bit better, that is a success. NRG also offer one to one tuition for treatment and the techniques we use for students or other health professionals wanting to expand their knowledge base.

The Story of NRG

NRG Sports Therapy began in April 2017, when Rob (the director of the company) left his role as an employed Sports Therapist to go it alone. The business was originally set up in Highgate, North London, within a private training studio. During this time, Rob and NRG worked alongside a physiotherapist and personal trainers to provide a fantastic service to clients.

Over the next nine months, the business flourished with over 1100 hour sessions being completed. However in December 2017, an opportunity arose to relocate to central London in the West End, it was an offer too good to refuse. NRG has now fully relocated to Streatham Street and officially reopened on February 5th, 2018.

The business runs within a busy Personal Training studio - Revolution Personal Training Studios. Working alongside the Revolution PTs, NRG has already started to build back it's client base. We predict that 2018 will be an even more successful year than 2017 and that NRG will thrive in it's new location in Bloomsbury, Central London.


Injury assessment, diagnosis and treatment

Injury rehabilitation exercises

Manual therapy and soft tissue therapy

Sports Massage

One to one movement training for the body

Sports Rehab

Personal Training

Self mobilisation techniques

Return to play exercise testing

Sport specific training

Introduction to Strength + Conditioning

One to one yoga tuition

Pre/Post natal remedial exercise

And more!

NRG Sports Therapy
4 Streatham Street, Bloomsbury Revolution Personal Training Studio


Rob Gardner

Rob is a qualified Sports Therapist and Personal Trainer with a passion for exercise & movement. By using a combination of traditional strength and conditioning, alongside advanced knowledge of the human anatomy and physiology, Rob brings an unrivalled personal training service amongst competitors. Coming from a therapy background, not only does Rob know how to diagnose and treat injuries, but also understands how to rehab the injuries with clinically appropriate techniques! Rob applies a client comes first approach to his methods, treating each client as an individual depending on their training or rehab needs. Having previously worked in both professional sport and a private environment, Rob appreciates that there is no blanket methods, your health and wellness comes first! A semi professional rugby player with interests in both crossfit and running, Rob understands how difficult balancing exercise, training and running a business can be. This gives Rob an empathy to his clients that not all practitioners or trainers understand!

Sports Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following sports.

Injury / Condition Specialities

Although we treat injuries related to all sports we have particular expertise relating to the following injuries.

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